Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dr. Sreenath in an aggressive mood during TKA closure.

He is now in pariyaram medical college, Kannur. Could Dr. Srenath comment on the fellowship in lakeshore hospital


The board room games will continue. I hope the fellowship goes on. Thanks to my fellows, juniors and colleagues we could make something of the time spent together. My teachers inspired me to share, acknowledge and gather knowledge by all legal methods. Professors like Varghese Chacko, Benjamin Joseph, NJ Mani, Bhaskaranand, Sripathi Rao, Brian O connor ,John stanley, James Richardson etc inspired us trainees. Each, added some other dimension to the attitude ie orthopedics. Team work is the name of the game. The puzzling questions raised by you guys help our degenerate neurons to fire, the addition RAM you guys add to the systems take it further. I remember a slide given to me by Jaithilak before the first Amrita arthroscopic course from the Vedas about knowledge when shared grows, cannot be divided or stolen. The system in LORC where in every member thinks to improve the system whether it is secretary, Maria school of nursing( as Bimal calls it), nurses, doctors, OT tech and all important physio adds serious value. The audits, suggestions and academic presentations push it further. Pray that the good lord continues the work where ever we are with that ATTITUDE. u know what i mean.



  1. hi
    sorry for being late in responding
    the one year put me through a grind of good attitude and living upto ones knowledge,changed my negative thinking,thought blocks
    it made me aware of the need to update constantly to escape from falling in the rut of committing the same mistake over and over again

  2. I am posting a comment because i heard a sad news yesterday from a very close friend that the fellowships under Jacob sir is going to stop.....
    Something like that is "The greatest tragedies to happen to an aspiring young budding surgeon who always dream a place in the prestigious place under him". I always dream of getting in a fellowship under Dr. Jacob. But my interests are in Spine which is far away from Arthroplasty or arthroscopy in which my Jacob sir is THE EXPERT.
    Still i dream of being under him for the following reasons:
    1. Freedom of expression and ideas, even the junior most guy is listened too and your views acknowledged if its true.
    2.Well organised and punctual, you have a fixed protocol; working is easier
    3. A lot of patients and a lot of surgeries different varieties and procedures. Dr. Jacob is adventurous, he leaves no stone unturned for the betterment of the patient.
    4.Preoperative plannings , the most important step in any surgery. Dr. Jacob makes it a point that his men does the best to his patients so planned every surgery meticulously.
    5. The state of the art operation theatre. You have the luxury of seeing all the advanced equipments. You feel you are in some OT in UK.
    6.A very dedicated Nursing staff who consider Dr. Jacob as their icon. Again making work easier as they are happy to do anything for him and his patients.
    7.An excellent physio team. Dr Jacob believes in team work.
    8.I agree fully with Dr. Srinath 'the grind of good attitude'- a positive attitude to all circumstances.
    9. Dynamic that is the watchword of that department and i must say Dynamic with dedication!
    10. Once your out of that place any day to be proud and say i was trained by Dr. Jacob Varghese....
    well having said the positives , i should also say the negatives , these were the negatives which i felt and thus applicable only to me...
    1.Sunrises at 6 am. Your boss is there in hospital at sharp 7.30am. So you would have to reach the hospital do your rounds and be there ready for him . For a person who likes to wake up late this is not the place!
    2. When Dr. Jacob becomes angry...its like a volcano erupting...but after its over its over...he never carries the grudge to the next day.
    3. When the going gets tough only the tough gets going... i repeat only the tough gets going.
    Well i sincerely hope and pray whatever i heard yesterday is a dream...The fellowship should never be stopped and we need more people like Jacob Sir - Dynamic with dedication.
    Jacob sir you are our role model...